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Shop bohemian tops for women crafted in casual hippie chic styles for a casual and flowy look. View our collection of Indian style kurta and tunic tops, bell sleeved tops, shimmery ruffled tops and sheer flowy poncho tops. Indiverve boho tops are made with lovely little details like embroidery and embellishments, and dotted or floral patterns in vibrant colours. Discover our unique collection of boho chic tunic tops for a style that allows you to freely express your inner bohemian fashionista! We are a proudly Canadian online boutique based out of beautiful Vancouver, BC.


Tunic Dress in Floral Print


A simple sleeveless tunic dress with a 1970s ombre rose and chocolate floral print and subtle detailing around the hem. This dress looks fantastic as a dress or it can be worn as a tunic with jeans or leggings. Try it belted for an extra-defined waist.
-pullover styling
-polyester, cotton

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